Sample Proclamation

2015 Sample Proclamation [Word]


Sample Proclamation

Whereas, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has had a thought-provoking history in the fight for voting and civil rights; and

Whereas, in the year 2015, we are celebrating the history of voting and civil rights in Kentucky; and

Whereas, many Kentuckians participated in the struggle to bring about social justice and equality to the citizens of Kentucky, the nation, and the world; and

Whereas, Kentucky became one of the first states to allow women to vote in school board elections, nearly twenty years priorto other states allowing women the opportunity to vote; and

Whereas, Kentucky's very own Berea College, became the first non-segregated college in the South and one of a small number of institutions of higher learning to admit both male and female students in the mid-19th century; and

Whereas, Kentucky's archivists and records managers work diligently to preserve and provide access to distinctive collections of records which advance the understanding of the history and legacy of the state for the Commonwealth, for its citizens, the world;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ________________________, County Judge/Executive of _______________________ County, [or Mayor of specified city] commend those who are responsible for maintaining our documentary heritage in small and large archival repositories throughout the state, encourage all citizens of this state to learn more about our archives, and declare the month of October to be 

Kentucky Archives Month

Done this day, the ____ of October, 2015,

in __________, Kentucky.