Sample Proclamation

2013 Sample Proclamation [Word]


2013 Sample Proclamation

Whereas, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is known for its rich folk traditions and celebration of its cultural heritage; and

Whereas, from one corner of our beloved state to another, our folklore and culture are shared in a wealth of festivals, featuring storytelling, and enjoyment of our special food traditions, among other treasured customs and practices; and

Whereas, such valued traditions, woven into our heritage, are passed from one generation to another; and

Whereas, tall tales might describe shadows and specters lingering in our historic homes and structures, or other unearthly occurrences; and

Whereas, our folk traditions might be represented in works of art in fabric and quilts or hand carved from wood; and

Whereas, many of our traditions and practices are recorded in family letters, folklore collections, and other valuable research materials; and

Whereas, government records and manuscripts related to Kentucky folklore and superstitions are preserved, maintained, and made accessible in numerous archives, special collections, libraries and other repositories across the state; and

Whereas, this documentary legacy is a rich resource for all Kentuckians that enhances our understanding of our shared historical experience and is of lasting benefit to this and future generations; and

Whereas, the citizens of the Commonwealth rely on the work of archivists, records managers, and others to preserve and provide access to these unique collections of records,  

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ________________________, County Judge/Executive of _______________________ County, [or Mayor of specified city] commend those who are responsible for maintaining our documentary heritage in small and large archival repositories throughout the state, encourage all citizens of this state to learn more about our archives, and declare the month of October to be 

Kentucky Archives Month

Done this day, the ____ of October, 2013,

in __________, Kentucky.